Thursday, October 19, 2017


Back to sewing some crafts. These Japanese dumping pouches aka Hime wallets are just so pretty. They are pretty fun to sew. I just lost my kiss-lock purse which I sewed some time ago. Guess the pouch will be a good replacement. Love the fabric. So Japanese. 

Sewed another bag for Celestiel. She really has many bags. Hahaa. This is actually a much overdue project for her. She has requested for a bag to keep her file a long time.  She wanted one which she can put her file horizontally.  So, with a little more experience, I finally managed to sew one which met her expectation.   Hahaa. 

There are two pockets in front. One to put her waterbottle and another to put her pencil case. Thereis an inner pocket which she can use it to keep her precious reward cards. Added in a strap so that she/I can roll it up when not in use. Love the colour combination. 

Sewed some pretty scrunchies for us. ❤️

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Care Bears

I love Care Bears a lot, a lot , a lot. I was so happy when I managed to buy the print in cotton material. I used my all time favourite, very safe and guaranteed successful pattern. Hey! I can’t afford to fail with this print. It’s not the money. It’s the print you know! Hahaa.
Celestiel is not a fan of Care Bears at all. Do feel like a failure for not being able to educate her to love Care Bears as much as me. 😪 She was like ‘okay lor’ when I showed her the dress. She even said she will wait till Christmas or maybe even CNY to wear cos it’s red. Sigh. There’s no sense of eagerness. 
One thing for sure. I will keep this dress. I will keep it for my future granddaughter. I will put in more effort to educate my granddaughter, teaching her all about Care Bears. Hahaaa. These two fellas better give me a granddaughter! 😂😂

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Exam Season

It’s really hard for the girl to focus especially so when the brother is indulging in tv and phone all day long! 😔 Despite all the whining, the girl will still do her practice papers. Thankfully, I forsee this happening and started English revision much earlier so it’s like one subject lesser to work on. 
Two more weeks. Meet my target and we can celebrate! Press on, Champion! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Routine

A new routine for the next 5 Sundays as the girl prepares for his upcoming ballet exam and concert. It’s going to be even busier for her early next month as her practices intensify.
Cos of her extra practices, we will be attending the 3rd service. Not the preferred choice for them but we do not have a choice. 
One thing good about attending 3rd service, we can go for tea. So for today, we decided to check out this place for bingsu along Upper Thomson. It’s always nice to have something cold and sweet on a hot afternoon.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Gold Badge

It seems like such a prestigious award. Hahaa. My first question when he showed me the award : Did you receive a silver? 
Hahahaa. Yes, he did but I have no recollection of the silver award. Well, he has lost too many badges for me to know what he has. There are times the badges are not even brought home cos he lost them as soon as he received them. In fact late last year, Chewy brought him to HQ to replace all his missing badges and his name tags... name tag... think it’s the 3rd name tag we are replacing. *piak head*
So is award really that prestigious? Well... only about half of his cohort received this award. It’s based on attendance and of course his participation in the various activities. There were a few activities that were on Saturdays and we had to make changes to his schedule to accommodate them. So, it’s all about commitment and yes, he was that committed to the CCA thanks to his parents, that’s us! *thank you thank you*
Th boy is confident he will receive his EAGLES award. I don’t know since I always has a feel that the school’s emphasis is on sports such as rugby and swimming. He will receive the news in a few weeks time and I pray he will not be disappointed. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tissue paper and cards pouch

This is such a fun sew. 

Don’t you agree it will make a great gift for Christmas too? 
Simply love this mahjong print. So cute. Gonna to make these pouches for all my aunties who love to play mahjong. 

Looking at this print makes my heart ache. I wanted t sew a Patricia top for the girl. But, I made a big big mistake and spoils everything. I’m still mourning for this beautiful and soft  fabric. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beef Stew

I know I have been sewing and sewing and sewing. But I didn’t starve the children and Chewy. The kitchen is still open. I still cook though I don’t bake anymore. Too much washing and preparation. 
We had beef stew. It’s our comfort food. Glad that the girl is enjoying it too. She doesn’t eat much of the beef. She thinks it’s cruel. *piak head* She’s going to be a vegetarian soon. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Cycling with O’Bike

The boy and I went cycling using O’Bike again on Friday morning. Chewy finally took leave since the children were complaining that they have yet to see him on leave. And since we are going on a short trip with our friends at the end of the year, he needs not save his leave. 
So while Chewy stayed at home with Celestiel, both of us went cycling. When I came home to look at the picture I took, I realised both of us were in our PE attire. Hahaa.
After my second time using O’Bike service, I do want share a little of our experience. 
1) I do see many O’Bike bicycles lying around in my neighbourhood. Since I did not want to push a heavy bike to the park, I thought we would just get one at the park. Bad bad bad move. 
Seriously, most of those bikes lying around are usually ‘abused’ by previous users. Faulty bikes. Sigh. Both of us had to walk for about 1.5km to a void deck to get a decent bike each. Guess people will not ride a faulty bike home. So, in conclusion, get the bikes from the void deck is the best. 
2) O’Bike, O’Bike! The company needs a phone each for each rider. It’s silly. Cephas uses his phone to rent one and I use my phone to rent one. Each phone needs a $50 deposit. So, two bikes will be $100.
After my first ride, I withdrew my $50 deposit since I have purchased $10 worth of credit. But to my horror, I couldn’t rent a bike on our second time cos they needed a deposit. So I have to put in $50 deposit again. *piak head* Don’t think I will withdraw this $50 again cos I will need to pay the admin charges for the withdrawal. Think is 3%. So as of now, I have $113 parked with O’Bike. Precious money which I can use to pay more fabric. *cry*
3) It’s both a pro and con. O’Bike allows PayPal to pay for the rides which is so much easier. Mo Bike requires  a credit card to sign up. Seriously, when you go exercising, will you bring along your credit cards? Not me for sure. 
4) O’Bikes bicycles are HEAVY. My calves and my heart have a good workout. We realised that those without a basket on the bicycles are slightly lighter. It was our plan initially to have Cephas to ride to school but I do have second thought now. And I don’t think Celestiel will be riding with us soon. 
5) There are many promotions going on. In fact for both rides, we didn’t pay a single cent for the ride ( not considering the deposit). So, do check out their promotion. A good way to encourage exercising. I believe one day, Son and I will cycle to Bishan Park. 

So, will I ride again? You bet since I have $100 with them. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Children’s Day Celebration in Church

Church celebrated Children’s Day today! 

The theme of the celebration is ‘ I was made to Soar’. Children are encouraged to dress to the theme. 

And being the very onz mummy, I sewed the girl a romper using a flamingo-print fabric. 

When we walked in to the children’s church, we saw lots of cookies being given out. Both cookie monsters stopped to pick up a cookie each before heading to their venue even thought we were late. Hahaa. 

There were lots of games but the children did not queue for them. The queues were either too long or they were for little children. The children were hungry too. 
Church has prepared a meaningful gift for the children in primary school. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Celebration in School

It’s Children’s Day celebration in school. Celestiel definitely has a whale of time cos she could play and eat for a good 1.5h without paying a single cent thanks to the parent volunteers’ generosity. 
I was at the canteen to get myself a cup of ice cream when I met her with her buddy! Her second helping
for ice cream. Look at that happy face! 

Thought it’s interesting to write in this space to remember my conversation with her. She told me that she went to the photo booth to take pictures first cos her other two friends, A1 and A2, didn’t want anyone to join them. But she managed to convince them to take a picture first as she wanted to give the picture to her form teacher at the end of the year. And since A1 and A2 didn’t want anyone to join them, she was with K the whole time. I asked her if she was affected by A1 and A2. Thankfully she was not.
Both she and K went to do the tattoo, made the bracelets and played many games together. Look at their arms. Same tattoos and both wore the bracelets they made. 
I’m thankful the girl is pretty easy going to much extend. She doesn’t mind playing with other girls and will find her own fun. I trust that God will place the right friends in her life, friends who will be of positive influence, friends who love God. 
Cephas is celebrating his last Children’s Day in school. As usual, he bought $20 worth of coupons. This time his reason was that he loves the keychains that came with the purchase of the coupons. 

He only had an hour to play and again, he didn’t spend all his coupons. But this year, he’s wiser. He exchanged for canned drinks. He brought home at least 6 canned drinks. When he emptied his pockets at home, he realised that he still had coupons in his pockets. *piak head* 


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