Thursday, December 14, 2017

Holiday Travel- BKK: Fabric Shopping

One of my missions to go Bangkok is to buy fabric. We dedicated a day to go for this mission. It seems like a mission impossible task. We had to take BTS to S6 Saphan Taksin. We had to figure out how to take the boat ride. It’s pretty confusing. We did our homework, reading several blogs but are still confused cos there aren’t many signages to guide us. 

Our ride costs about $60B for 4 of us for one way. 

The boat ride was pretty smooth despite the choppy water. It moves at high speed. Pretty cool. 
Anyway, we didn’t know the boat ride works like bus ride and we actually missed our stop or rather pier. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We alighted at a place where there are many temples. It’s very crowded. Chewy said the temple is very popular. There’s entrance fee. Of course we didn’t go in. We walked around the place while waiting for the next boat ride to bring us to Sathorn Pier. And yes, we have to pay for the boat ride again. 

And so this began our walk to Sampeng Lane where I read I can buy fabrics. It’s a long hot squeezy walk. But no one dares to complain. The children are wiser. Hahaa. But the area is really too crowded and there are so many lanes. The lanes are narrow and it’s really very hot. It’s very much an aimless walk as I really have no idea where to start and who to buy from. I don’t see the fabric I’m looking for too. I did stop at a shop to buy some and that was the only shop which I managed to get the fabric I want. I wish I have bought more cos I didn’t  see any other shops selling the kind of fabric I want. 
We headed to China World. It’s an air-con mall selling fabric too. They waited for me at the food court, giving me an hour to roam by myself. Again, not exactly what I want. Think the best buy here will be the lining. 

My final loot. 27m of fabric and 18m of lining. It was heavy carrying two bags of fabric. We had to walk back to the pier and take BTS to our next destination. 
Cephas concluded that he would stop complaining when I want to go Chinatown to buy fabric as he doesn’t need to take boat or walk through narrow lanes! How wise! 😂😂

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Travel- BKK: Theme Cafes

Unicorn Cafe
Celestiel is totally obsessed with unicorns. I don’t know how she found out but she told us she wanted to go unicorns cafe before the trip. 
The cafe is located in a secluded place. We took the BTS and alighted at S3-Chong Nonsi. We followed the GPS and walked there. 

Looked at that happy face when we finally found the cafe. There are actually 2 cafes. I believed they have expanded the cafe cos of the crowd. The two cafes are not joined for guests. We have to walk around the bend to the other cafe. Both cafes look identical in a way and serve the same food.

The presentation of the food is very pretty. Very unicorn. Hahaa. Nothing to shout for the taste. Pretty average. The cafe is actually very small. So we must give thanks for I read that the waiting time can be pretty long on some days.

You can watch the video so that you have an idea of how the cafe looks like. This is just one of the cafes.
The merchandise is not exciting too. We walked out empty handed. 

Hello Kitty Cafe

We didn’t have tea here. Too much food earlier. Anyway we have been there before so the girl didn’t mind. We only wanted to take pictures. The place is picture worthy. 3 levels. I would say Hello Kitty fans should popped by. It’s conveniently located at Siam. 

True Love@Neverland

We called this place Huskies Cafe and this is definitely the highlight for us in this trip. We are glad to make it. It’s really a blessing from above cos we made it just in time for the play time. There are only two play time sessions a day; 1pm-2pm and 4pm-5pm. We didn’t know about the sessions and it would be such a pity if we miss the session. 
The place is not easily accessible. In fact, after alighting from BTS A5-Airi, we took a cab in. It’s about a 10min ride. The staff helped to book a tuk tuk when we left to bring us back to the train station. It’s about $40B-$50B. 
The admission is $350B per person. It’s inclusive of a drink and a slice of cake. The log cake we had was good! 

Before the start of the play session, we have to watch a video of about 5min. It basically tells us what to do and how to deal with the dogs. For little children, parents are expected to watch over them all the time. I guess their cries can traumatise the dogs. 

All of us have to take off our shoes and put on the plastic shoes. Before that we need to wash our hands too. Everyone left the eating area to go to the play area to meet the dogs. 

We even have a very nice family picture taken with the dogs. We managed to frame it up in one of the night markets we went. 
Nearing the end of the play session, we were hurried to stand near to the dogs’ house with our camera ready to take slow motion video. The video taken is so cool. 

This place is really worth a visit if you love dogs especially huskies. The huskies are very tame. The staff are around all the time. One of the staff saw Celestiel walking around trying to take pictures with the dogs with little success. He helped to sit a dog and Celestiel managed to hug the dog to take a picture. And if you follow the instructions as stated in the video, it’s really very safe. Two thumbs up for this cafe! 

Holiday Travel- BKK Kidzania

We are definitely at Kidzania at the right time. It was not exactly crowded even thought there were 2-3 big groups of kindergarten kiddos. The place was big and we could actually avoid these kiddos most of the time. The usual me would like to arrive early but as things turned out, the children woke up late. I didn’t want to rush through breakfast. So we were there at about 11am, an hour after the opening time. 
It’s good to buy the tickets online for there’s a 15% off. The tickets are pretty cheap after conversion. It’s definitely lesser than what you would pay in Singapore. And do check and check when you book the date. While registering to go in, I overheard a family booking the wrong date. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

As you can see from the pictures above, there’s only Celestiel. Yes, only Celestiel went. Chewy and Cephas went about doing other things. Cephas is not interested and doesn’t want to go in. 
Within 3.5h, the girl completed 11 jobs- vet, fireman, photographer, pilot, dentist, courier delivery man, builder, crew at MacDonalds, bottle capping crew at Coke Factory, understanding colours at Colour Design Studio and climbing a building. 
We didn’t even need to run and could walk around to explore the place. We even had time to for lunch. The girl ate the hamburger which she made. The only job which I did not take picture cos she was in a plane and I was too lazy to watch the small tv outside. She worked as a pilot. I understand that this job usually has a very long queue. There wasn’t any queue that day and she said the job was boring! Hahaa. She wanted to be a cabin crew next but the job would only start like 20 mins later. I distracted her to try to be dentist.

She has most fun being a photographer. She was tasked to take pictures of 3 locations using a real camera. After a short briefing, she went about taking pictures on her own. At the end of the activity, the staff developed one picture for her to keep.
I like that the staff make an effort to speak English when they know that there’s a tourist in the midst. Even when Celestiel was the only one queuing for the job, they would still welcome her and start the activity. It’s really a pleasant experience for both of us and I’m glad we brought her there. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Travel- BKK

We are finally back home after a good 5 days away! We left last Wednesday taking an afternoon flight at around 4pm. We checked in early for lunch and to shop. Yes, I managed to get two Sanrio toys for the girl! Hahaa. 
It’s always nice to fly with SQ. The stewardess still gave both of them souvenirs. A full flight means we could indulge in movies. Yay!
The return flight was delayed by an hour or so. We only touched down at about 1.15am this morning. Oh my! I’m so glad that the children are older and could take the late hour. Celestiel did knock out in the taxi on the way home. Both only slept at about 2.30am. As I typed this, Celestiel is still in her Lala Land. Chewy woke up early for work since he has no more leave. Sigh. Oh! I must give credit to Cephas who would help with the heavy luggage and also shopping bags.

When we reached Thailand, the first thing we bought is SIM card. We decided to get our SIM card from Super 4G as there was hardly any queue. The network was good and the price is the same. 
We took taxi to and fro the hotel. Chewy was pretty pissed with the driver who took us to the hotel from airport. We have queued for a normal taxi but a big taxi came. He didn’t want to turn on the meter and charged us $700B. We needed to pay since we were already in the taxi. The ride was jerky and long due to the jam. We only arrived at the hotel after more than an hour. But the taxi ride back to airport was good. The reception helped to call for a big taxi. Journey was smooth and took about 40 mins. We paid $500B.
We stayed at Novotel PhloenChit. We didn’t have much choices since we wanted to stay in a room together. The room is decent. Cephas slept on the sofa bed which was of very good quality. It’s not those very soft sofa which you will get backache after a night rest. The chambermaid even prepared bedsheet, blanket and two extra pillows for him. 
The hotel is located just a stone’s throw away from the BTS. It’s great since we travel via BTS most of the time. We really walked a lot for this trip. Our legs are aching. I believe the children will be zoning out to recover at least for the next few days. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea

It’s a year. But I should write it here since it’s an experience they or rather the boys enjoyed very much. For those who remembered, Celestiel was down with a very high fever during our last leg of the trip in Tokyo. We didn’t have the right medicine for her and had to bring her to the clinic. It’s a pity she didn’t get to enjoy as much as she should. In fact she has been asking when we could go Tokyo Disneyland again. 

We actually indulged for their trip, booking a room in Disneyland Hotel. It’s not cheap and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t spend this kind of money ever again here. Hahaa. A big room with 4 decent beds. But I didn’t have a chance to get any good rest since I was sleeping with Celestiel as I had to sponge her. 

We spent two days at Disneyland and 1day at Disneysea. We are very thankful it was not exactly crowded and the boys were able to clear all the rides in both places. Love the picture on the top right hand corner of Celestiel. A more alert picture of her after a dose of paracetamol. 

Some pictures of Disneysea. I have never explored this place before since it’s new. I was with Celestiel in a cafe most of the time. She was napping after taking medication. The boys had lots of fun. 

I’m glad that Cephas and Chewy really had a great time. Above are some rare pictures of Cephas when we happened to bump into them or when we met up. Chewy hardly took pictures. He believed in enjoying the moments and having memories. *roll eyes*
I know we will be back here again at least for Celestie’s sake. I hope it’s soon! Children, time to save money! 😉

Of Joy and Pain

Warning: There’s a bloody picture in this post.
Many of you would have realised that I enjoy sewing pretty much. Sewing brings me much joy and may I add on the word ‘peace’ too. During their exams, I continued sewing. I sew so as not to scream at them to do work. I sew so as to make myself happy. Sewing is a time I can listen to my sermon podcast. I guess the real joy is really to see the finished product. I’m still amazed with myself, in how much I have progressed in this journey. 
Last Thursday, I wanted to sew a pair of shorts for the girl. She has requested for a pair of blue shorts. I was sewing the seams when my finger got caught in the sewing machine. Natural instinct is to pull on the finger which I did. A piece of broken needle was stuck in the finger. I wanted to take a picture but decided to pull out the needle for fear of infection. When I pulled out the needle, the blood just gushed out. 

A friend commented how a little needle could cause so much blood and pain. Indeed. The needle broke into two pieces with the sharp one in my finger and the other piece flying to the floor. I’m always thankful that the broken needle did not fly and hurt my eyes. I have heard of horror stories. 

My parents have been asking me how’s my finger. My mum who used to be a sewist called me up on Sunday just to check on me. She was worried that the finger may be infected. When I told her I’m fine and even managed to complete the pair of shorts the next day and a blouse on Saturday, she sighed! ‘When will you ever be frightened and stopped sewing?’ she asked. Hahaa! 

This is the completed set; the shorts and the blouse. Love the frilly sleeves. It looks so good of skinny arms! Hahaa. 
And if you are wondering, my finger is good. The swell is gone. There’s only pain when I pressed the wound. So, all is good! 😁

Monday, December 4, 2017


What else will she draw this holiday? Unicorn of course! And yes, she wore a blouse with unicorns print to draw her unicorn! So apt right? Hahaa.

Love this intense look on her face. She was the last to complete so that explained why she was alone. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Was out attending a wedding dinner with these besties. Missing Rachel who is away in Australia. It’s unusual to get away on a weekend by myself with friends. A colleague who was sitting with us was pretty shocked that I do not go out at nights often. I do need to make lots of logistic arrangement if I’m to go out. Life of a mother who doesn’t have maid and three clingy children. 
These buddies are my life lines at work. We talked so much even when after work. Hahaa. They are also the one who helped me to look out for Celestiel when I was on no pay leave. I’m truly blessed to have them at work! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Good Progress Award

Jubilee! It’s really a Jubilee in the area of their school. It’s one of their 3 wishes and they have come to past. I’m rejoicing with them.

We knew of Cephas’ EAGLES award during week
10. He has received his certificate from school so it’s not actually a surprise for us when we received the letter. 
Celestiel is very surprised to receive her GPA award. I knew about her receiving this award a few weeks ago when my good pal texted me to share the good news. Celestiel actually topped the level for being the ‘most improved’ for academic. A jump of 72 positions. I do really hope that she will be encouraged by this award. Indeed a simple prayer will not be ignored. Nothing is impossible for God. There’re still much work to be done but I am trusting God in this area as I return to work next year. 
We will be starting 2018 with a bang again, having both of them to shake hands with the MP! Hahaa! 


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