Friday, June 23, 2017

A Hitch

I picked my first passenger! It's so exciting. My heart was beating so fast as I drove the lady to her destination. And yes, the children were there to support me! I know it's cheap thrill! Hahaa.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I must definitely write this down here lest I forget cos it's really hilarious. We were at the temple to accompany my mum who is paying respect to my late grandparents and Uncle Mike. All my uncles and aunties were there. Some of my cousins were there too. 
I had a lovely chat with Aunty Grace. I followed much of her parenting styles. She has two lovely children with Uncle Stevan. The older one is in NTU. Heard that he is returning tonight after spending 7 weeks in Taiwan doing volunteering work. The younger one is now in RGS, 5th year. 
Aunty Grace was asking when I would actually give Cephas more space and be more independent. She was sharing how her children took bus by themselves when they were in p5/6.  
Actually, Cephas tried taking the public bus home by himself twice this year. Not that I don't trust him, I don't trust the world. Moreover, it's not that I can't fetch him home. I drive anyway. 
Cephas who was sitting beside me obviously heard our conversation. He then asked if he could walk home since he's feeling hungry and bored. He asked for my keys... rather he opened my bag and took the keys. I agreed and passed him $20 and gave him instructions to buy lunch for us since we should be leaving soon. And off he went. His first time walking home by himself. The place is not far... maybe a 15-20 minutes walk.
Anyway, Aunty Grace who walked off and came back was shocked when she realised Cephas has walked home by himself. She wanted to give chase but realised Cephas was out of sight. She panicked and asked me to chase after him. Hahaa. The next moment, another uncle walked past and asked about Cephas. He was equally shocked when I told him the boy has walked home. He too asked me to give chase! Hahaaa. To play along, I just said that it's Aunty Grace's idea to let the boy be independent. Seriously, Aunty Grace was worried. I find the whole incident funny. 
And dear Cephas, he walked to the market and realised that the food stall we wanted for lunch was closed. His phone was flat. So, he ran home to charge his phone and call me asking me to choose another food before  running to market to buy. When Celestiel and I returned home, I realised we were all having the same food. That's not the initial plan. He wanted something else. 
Cephas: Ai ya. Easier. Don't need to queue so many times. Only food. 
This boy! He makes me laugh. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Movie Time

Back to reality. Somewhat. Cephas returned to school yesterday. Supplementary lessons for two days and learning journey tomorrow. I did have the intention to let him miss the supplementary lessons like last year but unfortunately he didn't do that well for SA1 and I think it's better for him to return to school and slowly start his engine again. 
Celestiel resumed her Chinese enrichment lesson yesterday after a two-week break. Her lovely teacher actually spent an additional 1hour 15 mins after the class to go through her mistakes for SA1 paper, giving her tips so that she can improve. I'm touched. It's a group lesson and seriously, the teacher doesn't need to do that but she chose to run the extra miles for her. She is indeed favoured and I'm so thankful. 
Took the children to watch 'Despicable Me3'. I napped for at least the first 20 minutes of the show. Maybe is food coma since we watched after lunch. Hahaa. But I know the children enjoyed the show cos they talked about it and laughed while walking out of the theatre! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's a Silver

Finally finally. After 6 months, the coach managed to get him to join another group to take the test. 
Look like it always rains when the children take their swim test. Hahaa. It was raining very heavily and I was worried that the test would be postponed. In fact the pool was only opened 15 minutes before the start of the test. 
Oh, we experienced some boo boo. Cephas forgot to bring out his swim kit. He only realised it when we reached the pool at 1pm, 15 minutes before the start of the test. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Car

After several months of car shopping, Chewy finally made up his mind and paid the deposit for his ride. A six-seater. He has chosen steel grey for the car cos I insisted he would not be able to manage a white car. Not exactly a common  car on the road. Can you tell the model? 

Little Honeybuns

Finally! Shorts for Celestiel. The pink shorts was the first pair I sewed. It was challenging. I cannot remember the number of times I unpicked. I have great difficulty with the back waistband. The end result was not as good as I hope. Chewy finds the pair a little short too. 
But I do love this pattern. The pattern allows some creativity where I can mix and match the fabric for the pockets. I can add bias trimming for the front pockets.
I started on my second pair on Thursday. I decided to sew the play length. Longer which gets Chewy's approval. Hahaa. More success for the back waistband.  Yay. As Chewy was around, I could sew in the morning. Managed to complete the shorts. Pretty happy with the results. Looking forward to sew two more pairs of shorts for her. She does need some decent shorts since her current pairs are all a little short. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Food and Friends

After reading Mr Brown's blog, I decided to take the children out to 吃 Western for lunch. We were there around 1pm and was thankful it was not crowded. 
The children had fish and chips and I had spaghetti. The serving was huge for the price I paid. Lots of wasted food. The children love the fish. Celestiel even commented that the fish tastes nicer than the usual stall we patronised. Guess this place is worth a second visit if I'm hardworking enough to drive there. 
We walked over to check out White Ombré. They sell very pretty macarons albeit expensive. Celestiel chose the unicorn macaron. She took a long time to eat it. It's really too pretty to eat. Cephas has a plain marshmallow flavour macaron. Two/ three bites and tadah! Gone. Hahaa. 
Finally met up with friends at work. Been a long while. It's amazing how much we can still talk though we chatted via WhatsApp every day. Hahaa. We talked and laughed so much to the extend we forgot to take a picture of ourselves. A good 5 hours together. 
Been a long while since we brought the children to Eat Love Pray cafe. Met up with Stephanie this afternoon for lunch. Love the food. Cephas and I had pineapple rice which we give two thumbs up. While Stephanie and I were busy catching up, Celestiel and Sarah did some craft. Shrink art. Cephas entertained himself with food and phone. Once a while, he would find joy in laughing at me cos baby Stacey rejected me. It's definitely yet another lovely afternoon spent with friend. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

In Harmony

It's always nice to see the children playing together in harmony. Bliss. 
The children are 'camping' in each other room. I do join in to sleep with them. It's nice to sleep in air con room. Hahaa. It's even nicer to wake up to see them sleeping soundly. 
Finally abandon my sewing machine for a few hours to bake. Been a long while since I bake cookies for the cookie monsters. They were excited and ate while I baked away. We had our first sushi meal since Cephas has craving for sushi. It's overdoses of rice when I prepare sushi for them. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fearless Camp

Now I remember the reason why we flew off to Cherating so early. We have plan to attend the church camp but unfortunately, Fearless camp dates clashed with church camp's. And so we aborted the plan to go church camp as Cephas wanted to go Fearless camp. We fully understand his decision since we were young once. We enjoyed our Youth camp days tremendously. 
The venue for Fearless camp was at ACJC. And guess what the boy did?  He packed in his school tee to wear during the camp. Too much school pride. Hahaa. 
He said he prefer last year's camp. Guess it's the people. This year, the youths are grouped according to where they live instead of the service they attend. This mean he has to make new friends which unfortunately he doesn't seem to have much bonding with them. Well well. Beside worship and teaching sessions, they had games. I remember seeing pictures of them playing laser tag. Pretty exciting. 
This year, parents are invited to join them for the last worship session. An opportunity for us to pray for the child and child to pray for us, parents. It was good. Lots of happy tears around. We believe a seed is dropped in his heart during the camp. We believe all will be well cos He says so. It's the year of Jubilee and I receive it. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Club Med Cherating 26th-29th May Part 3

The activities we did at Cherating are more or less similar to other Club Med. One thing for sure is that Cephas enjoyed the most. Friends and the GO. He enjoys the company and in fact keep in touch with his friends via WhatsApp now. 
GO Rachel is amazing. She is full of energy and really keeps the spirit high for these teens. As usual, we don't send the children to their respective 'club' on the first day. That night, she saw Cephas and initiated a chat with him. She asked him about his age and insisted that she must see him the next day in Passworld cos she is the GO in-charge.
Celestial is still in Kids Club. She has a whale of time trying out new activities. She tried sailing and tree top adventure for once. No photo to show as we did not follow the children around. 
Anyway, I was greatly surprised to learn from the GO that Celestiel has followed the younger group to try on the tree top adventure. According to the schedule, her group would only go sailing during our stay. I did causually comment that it's a pity to miss the activity since she has never tried before. So, I'm really surprised that she has chosen this activity over sailing, which also means she would not be with her friends of the same age group. The GO said she try to get her to change her mind but to no avail. Hahaa. Anyway, according to the girl, she fell while up on the tree top and she's not scared. Most importantly, she had fun. 
Chewy and I actually wanted to try but as usual, we were stuck at the archery centre. 
The zen pool is a distance away from the main lobby. We can choose to walk through the jungle for about 20 minutes or so or to take the tram. We did both. The jungle walk is very quiet. Needless to say, we only walked once. 
Tram ride is much easier. 
And so once we reached the other beach, we would head to to zen pool which we spent most of our time. 
I still prefer the zen pool in Bali. This zen pool doesn't serve cocktail.
Chewy did kayaking. We spotted Celestiel and friends sailing and Chewy decided to kayak over to say hello! So cool ya! 
I find my cocktail at the beach. Only two choices and it's a distance from the zen pool. Boo!
There's a smal restaurant here. The choices of food is really limited. We had lunch here once. Nice ambience and quiet but I guess we still prefer variety for food.
For food, we agreed that Phuket still serve the best food. 
The Chief of Cherating used to be in Bintan and therefore the shows are the same. We still laughed. This time round, we stayed on after the night show. The children participated. Above picture showed them playing Volleyball seated. It's a fun game. 
The first night was International Night, showcasing the food/drinks/craft from different countries. Celestiel waited for quite some time for a GO to write her name in Korean. 
Father and son participated in darts competition. And both emerged winners! Chewy was first and Cephas was second. Steady pom pi pi! 
Tie dye tee is a paid activity and Celestiel wanted to do. Unfortunately, the dye runs when we hand washed. So, the tee looks terrible and it's somewhere around the house, forsaken. 
We bought these pictures from Club Med. Cost a bomb for these 6 pictures. These photos kind of summarised the activities we did over those 4 days. 
Yes, we love Club Med and I believe it will still be a Club Mee holiday next June. 


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