Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Recent Sew

So happy to see the final result of this dress. I was a little worried that this Little Twin Stars print would look a little like pj. But it turns out very well. I'm glad I sewed in lining for the whole dress. The lining kinda gives 'weight' for the dress and the whole dress will swirl when she walks. I have lengthen the dress by 3". Guess this dress will have a long mileage. Yay! 

Whipped up some tissue box covers for sales. Love the grommet. Makes the tissue box cover nicer. 

And of course some covers for the travel tissue packets! The doggie print is so cute. 

This is for me! I added a sling and a snap button. Planning to hang this in my car! 

Presents! The girl had me to sew a ballet shoe pouch for her friend's birthday. I used a laminated fabric for the lining. Easier to clean the bag if it's dirty. Since I sew one for her friend, I sewed one for her too using the Melody print. Sewed one for her ballet teacher too. 

And yes! I'm done w most of the Teachers' Day presents except for 3 male teachers and Cephas' tuition teacher. The pouches took much longer to sew as sewing machine was cranky for a few days! But glad all is well and hope the teachers will like it! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Loose Tooth

This loose tooth irritated the girl much the past few days. She wanted to yank it out but we stopped her. Sound painful to yank out. The baby tooth will drop by itself too...
Anyway she couldn't take it anymore. She yanked it and and was so happy after that! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Moon Roof

The children are super intrigued about the moon roof. They hopped over to the third row on our way home. They took lots of pictures. Celestiel sent a few pictures and Chewy laughed out loud when he saw them. 
Trees and clouds. Simple joy. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hi Jade

Today we bid farewell to our trusty Stream who have served us very well for the past 9 years.

It has been a good 9 years. Stream joined us shortly after I gave birth to Celestiel. A perfect MPV since we had two little ones at that time which means 2 car seats. We had gone on various trips to Malaysia and the car really served us well. Thank you Stream. You will definitely be remembered! 
During the last few days, Chewy started to clear the thing ma in his car. One of the things he dug out were children's spare clothings! Hahaa. 

We have totally forgotten about these clothings and socks too. Hahaa. Yes, the children used to dirty themselves accidentally and these spare clothings did come in handy. Socks? Hahaa... we used to go to those indoor playgrounds and these are standby socks. You know, just in case we felt like going there while we were out. We could save a few bucks from buying socks. 
Hello Jade! Welcome to our family. I believe and trust that you will be as faithful as Stream. We will have many fun rides with you. Hope you will be treated better by the children since they are older now. Hahaa. I pray insects will not come near you. 

The car is steel grey in colour but from the photo, it looks kind of blue. The children were pretty excited with the new ride. Chewy said the profile is lower, whatever he means. The car seems more spacious than Stream. 
Chewy kept his old car plate number. It has been with him since his Nissan ride. I thought the new car plate number is nice. SLR 2920 U. Quite similar to my old car's number plate. 
I'm thankful for the new ride. Within a year, we each bought a new car. It's a blessing and I hope the children realised how blessed we have been. 

Reminder Notes

There're days I want to throw the towels. There are many days I wonder if I'm suitable to be a one. But these little notes from the pupils do cheer me up and remind me why I chose to be a teacher and is still a teacher after 15 years. 

Friday, August 11, 2017


Celestiel'a teacher just texted me to send me some good news! Rejoicing with the girl. And yes, she will get that Sanrio file as promised! 
Edit: I bought her the file. Happy face.

Cephas received his oral prelims results recently too! Though I think he can do better but I'm still happy for his result. They are all in the top band. I was teasing him the other day, saying that he has mastered the art of bluffing people! Hahahaa.

It's the exam season and may God continue to remind me that my children are taught by Him, they will arise! Amen! 
Post edited on 12th August. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Guess it's a good time to get the children to exercise today. Been a long long while since we last jogged. Celestiel and I have lost our stamina. We took about 40 mins to complete about 5km. We were really struggling to complete the jog. Cephas, as usual, was way ahead of us. 


Goodbye to pjs. Cephas has declared that all his pjs are too small for him and he wants to be like us, wearing tee and shorts to bed.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

National Day

Yet another day for us. All of us woke up late at about 9am. Some simple breakfast. My parents popped by to
check on the children. Chewy helped my dad to make his passport online too. 
After that, we drove down to IMM to shop for furniture. Ok, I accepted Chewy's offer to buy a new table and a shelf. My sewing stash is growing and Chewy thinks that this hobby will continue for a while longer. So, a proper desk is good for my back. 

This is what he has chosen. Unfortunately, the table is out of stock and stock will only come in in mid September. Didn't have the chance to take picture of the shelf since many people were standing around there. 
We headed down to Queensway in search for school shoes for Cephas. His current pair is too dirty. He said he has stopped  wearing shoes to play soccer in the field. This explained all his hole-y socks! Don't know which is worse. 
So while they were shoppping, I indulged in some laksa. 

After that, it was a quick dash back home since the children wanted to watch the parade. Wondering when we will be able to ballot for the tickets successfully. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

National Day Celebration

It's celebration time in school. I managed to sew the #keylargotop just in time using the same fabric as Celestiel's short. Love the tie of the top. I can imagine myself sewing more of this top. One of the disadvantage of sewing this blouse is the amount of fabric used. 3 yards all because of the placing of the pattern.
Cephas is in his uniform. He is forming the contingent. He claimed he is very blessed this year to be able to participate in his school celebration, forming the contingent. If according to usual practice, the scouts should be the one in charge of this year's celebration. But don't know what happened, the BBs are involved this year too. And someone told me he wore his lanyard wrongly. But all was fixed when he reached school and met his friends. Phew!

We watched 'The Emoji Movie' after lunch. Oh my! Food coma. I slept through most part of the show and woke up like 20 mins before the show ended. *piak head moment* Celestiel enjoyed the show totally. She rated the show 8/10. Cephas said it's a 6/10. But I remember him laughing away during the time I was awake... 

Home after the show. I was preparing dinner when I realised it was quiet. Took a peep and realised both were reading. Each borrowed a book at the library before the show. It's always nice to see both reading. Peace. 


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